Client's comments and links

"This is EXCELLENT, thank you so much. It really looks great." Carin Lavery,

"You are brilliant (... didn't need me to tell you that).." Prue Hardwick,

"exciting!" Julie Camm,

"Having built my own web site without success, I thought I would ask a designer who's sites always seem to come top of various searches the opportunity of doing it for me. I am now No 1 on MSN. This wouldn't have been possible without Jim. (Bed Breakfast Truro Cornwall) - Well done Jim Rolt" Mark Roberts,

"Many thanks Computer Guru !" John Playfair,

"probably the most wonderful thing I have ever seen" Nick Barton,

"Tis most splendid, Thanks a lot Jim. More and more enquiries coming through the site and the form works well" David Ashby,

"I like what I see and would like you to design our website." Paul Gerrard,

"Many thanks - this is a huge improvement." Lady Gina Blomefield,

"thanks as ever for sorting out nasties and all the other bits." Sally Ritchie

"The first page is great - thank you" Joan Carey,

"Thanks a million. Yes, I think it's fantastic" Veronica Metcalfe,

"the photo page looks great" Patrick Bryan,

"The revised site looks v.good" Philip Read,

"Many thanks and the website is looking good" Robert Paling, Dow Sheppard Relocation

"I am very pleased that you have got my website up and running again, it is already reaping results." James Hayman-Joyce

"It's just what was needed, thank you" Jane Pusey,

"I love it, it looks terrific" Michael Neilan,

"Marvellous" Pat O'Donnell,

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